Momma’s Chicken Enchiladas

Momma’s Homemade Chicken Enchiladas

Back when I lived at home, this used to be one of my favorite dinners, I remember eating 2 or 3 of these gigantic things, I still wonder how I could fit all of that in my stomach at the time. Needless to say, these are AH-mazing especially if you like Mexican food! Hope this is as good to you as it is to me! 

What you will need:

1-1.5 lbs of boneless skinless chicken breast or tenderloins

1/2 of a yellow onion, chopped

1 large garlic clove, minced

One large bottle of your favorite salsa (I like Pace Medium)

Taco Sauce

1 8oz. package of cream cheese (I use Philadelphia 1/3 less fat)

Shredded mexican style cheeses

1 package of Burrito style tortillas

1tsp garlic, cumin, and chili powder

1/2 package of taco seasoning

salt and pepper


Preheat the oven to 350 degrees

Take a large pot and boil water, add some salt. Once boiling, add the chicken. Keep the chicken boiling for about 10-15 minutes or until chicken is no longer pink.

Next, drain the chicken and set it on a plate to cool. Once cooled, take a fork, or you can use your fingers and shred the chicken like the picture shown below.

Pour some EVOO (extra virgin olive-oil) in a warm large skillet, add the garlic and onion some salt and pepper. 

I love this garlic press that I have that minces the garlic clove for you, it’s super time saving and easy to use!

Add the garlic, cumin, chili, and taco seasoning to the pan, I don’t really use an exact measurement, I sometimes will start out with a tsp of each and taste-test the sauce at the end to see if I need more of something.

Once the onion and garlic are cooked, translucent, add the shredded chicken, cream cheese, salsa, and taco sauce. I usually use half the salsa and a little less of the taco sauce, but if the sauce looks dry I add more until I reach my desired amount. At the end I taste test the sauce to see if I need more spice.

Take a stack of tortillas, put them in the microwave for about 30 seconds, halfway through, separate each one and turn them over and put them in for the other half.

You will probably need two casserole dishes for this meal; I use 2 9×11’s but any size will work as long as you have two. Spray the pans with PAM and pour some taco sauce and salsa on the bottom. Next take your chicken filling and put some in each burrito roll them up like you would a taco or burrito, make sure you save some filling for the end. Then place them in the pans one next to the other. (You can squish them together to make it fit if your pan isn’t big enough) After they are all in the dish, pour the remainder of the chicken filling that you have saved on top of the burritos. After that, place the shredded cheese over top of the burritos. 

Place it in the oven and cover them with aluminum foil for 30 minutes, I like to take the foil off for the last 5 minutes to make a crispier top. If you’re a sour cream lover like me, feel free to put a dallop or two on top!



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