Triple B Chicken Pizza


Warning: Mouth may water while reading this post.

Triple B chicken pizza?? What the heck is that?! Triple B stands for Blackened, Blue, and Buffalo. Ohhh yes, amazing. A few things I love: Pizza, Blue Cheese, and Blackened anything. So I thought, why not put all of these amazing ingredients into one!? I’ve always wanted to try a pizza like this, but my husband isn’t a big buffalo or blue cheese fan (crazy right??) so, like in a previous post, I have been making everything I like that he’s not a big fan of.

I didn’t make the dough homemade, which is something I want to try next time. I bought the dough at Publix and they made it fresh the same day. The dough is absolutely amazing! So fresh and when it was done baking, it had the perfect combination of crispy outside and soft middle. I bought Boar’s Head blue cheese, anything they make tastes great. I blackened the chicken using my grill pan (best invention ever!). Needless to say, I was in heaven when I tasted this pizza! It had the perfect amount of spicy and paired great with a nice cold glass of milk!

To get started, you may have to leave your dough out of the fridge for an hour. Next pre heat your oven according to package directions, mine was 350°. If you have a pizza stone (I highly recommend this if you don’t have one) and place the stone on in the oven while it’s preheating. This will help make that crust that’s crispy on the outside and still soft in the middle.


While the oven is preheating make your blackened seasoning. Mix well and set aside. Before you start cooking the chicken, this may cause a lot of smoke so turn your fan on!! Heat the pan on medium high and place olive oil. Prepare your chicken (cut off any fat and rinse with water) pound the chicken to a flat 1/4-1/2 in thickness. Cover both sides of the chicken, and press down with fingers. Cook the chicken for 3-4 minutes on each side or until cooked through. Set aside.

Next, cut your peppers and onion. Set aside. Now take a medium size bowl and pour in your sauce and dressing add some blue cheese crumbles, mix well.  Take your blackened chicken and cut into cubes.


Take your dough ball and place some flour on the surface as well as your rolling pin and hands. Roll dough to desired thickness. Pop any bubbles that may form. Take a large spoon and place the sauce in the middle of the dough, then gently spread outwards leaving some room for crust. Sprinkle your peppers and onions evenly, then sprinkle chicken pieces evenly. Lastly, place your crumbled blue cheese evenly on top. Place in the oven for 18-20 minutes (I ended up having to bake it about 25 minutes, just want to make sure the crust is browned and the bottom is browned but not burnt)


What you’ll need:

Pre made, fresh pizza dough
1-1 1/2 lbs boneless chicken tenderloins
1/2 green bell pepper, chopped
1/4 red onion, chopped
For pizza sauce:
1/2 cup Buffalo sauce (I used RedHot)
1/2 cup Blue Cheese Dressing (I used Low fat T Marzetti‘s)
hand full of Blue Cheese crumbles
(You will most likely have extra, but thats ok!)
For blackened seasoning:
Cajun Seasoning
Cayenne Red Pepper seasoning
Ground Cumin
Chili Powder
Onion Powder
Salt & Pepper
(Pour an even amount of each, I used a little more of the cajun, until there’s enough to coat both sides of  the chicken)



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