Peanut Chicken

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Any day of the week, you ask me what I want to eat and I’ll almost always say Asian food. Could be Japanese, Korean, Chinese, you name it and I’ll eat it! Whenever my husband is gone I always find excuses to cook and/or eat Asian foods. And who could guess the hubby is gone and I went straight to cooking me some Asian sensation!! This one I learned from my step mom Anna, who is Korean. This dish is simple and oh so tasty. You can make it as spicy (or not) as you want and you can mix and match meats and vegetables to your liking. I prefer to use chicken, carrots, and broccoli as my veggies.  Next time I think I’ll add sugar snap peas and baby corn!

To get started, cook your rice according to package directions. I like to use anything that says sushi rice on the package and I like to buy them in the foreign aisle. I have a rice cooker, so that’s what I use.

Next, rinse off the chicken and trim the fat, cut into long strips.  I like to rinse off my chicken because most of them come packaged with preservatives, I don’t like those so I leave them out as much as I can, with anything I eat. Take a medium sized skillet and put some olive oil on medium high eat. Swirl to coat.  Once the pan is warm, place your chicken. Add your spices and mix up your chicken with the spices. After about 5 minutes add your onion and garlic. Cook your chicken for about 15-20 minutes or until no longer pink in the middle.


While your chicken is cooking, slice up your carrots into long thin strips and cut up your broccoli.  When your chicken is done transfer to a plate. Drain the juices. Add some vegetable oil to the skillet and then place your veggies, leaving on med high. Stir to coat with oil and add salt and pepper. Place a lid on the skillet and steam for about 10 minutes or until they’re soft but still have a little crunch.


While the veggies are steaming, take a small saucepan and add your coconut milk on medium heat. Once warm, add your peanut butter, peanut sauce, and siracha (if you want it spicy) . Stir until mixed thoroughly. Add the chicken and veggies into the peanut mixture and fold until mixed evenly.  Add on top of rice and enjoy!!


What you’ll need:
2 boneless skinless chicken breasts, fat trimmed, rinsed, and cut into long strips
1 tbs olive oil
Several dashes each of curry, cumin, cajun (literally put it on everything), ginger, turmeric powders, salt & pepper
Half medium onion, minced
1 clove garlic, minced
1tbsp vegetable oil
Carrots cut into long thin strips
Broccoli, rinsed, dried and cut
1/2 cup coconut milk (I’ll be honest, I didn’t measure it, I just go by color with my mixture, it should be a light brown color. You can also go by taste! If it’s too milky add more peanut butter)
A heaping large tablespoon of peanut butter with a small amount of crunchy peanut butter added
1/4 cup of peanut dipping sauce (Bangkok brand is what I prefer)
a few squirts of siracha sauce (if you like it spicy)
Your choice of rice


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