Creamy Pasta with Prosciutto & Kale

DSC_0040-1 (1)

Last night was a “must go” night for me. I had some prosciutto and goat cheese in the fridge that I haven’t used for anything yet and thought… pasta!!! And of course with pasta I always like to cook something green, I thought peas.. sadly none in the freezer, then spinach came up, but I didn’t have that either. I am in love with kale and happened to have just enough in the fridge, so kale it was!

Let me tell you, for literally making this recipe up as I went, it was so good. I may be a little off on my measurements simply because I was adding and doing things randomly. Hopefully I get them right! This dish is rich and creamy, the crispy prosciutto gives it a wonderful crunchy consistency with the creamy sauce. I also like my choice of linguine versus other pasta’s because it always has a little bite to it, that is if you like it “al dente” style. I think this dish would be good in so many different ways! If you have peas instead, add those. Grilled shrimp instead of prosciutto would also be a good choice.

Pasta can be made so many ways, so go ahead and be creative!! You’ll be surprised with what you come up with.


To start, go ahead and get your pot on high heat with a little salt until boiling. Add pasta and cook according to package directions (9-10 minutes for al dente linguine). While you wait for your pasta to boil, take a large skillet turn on med high heat and add your olive oil. Once the pan is warm, swirl to coat, and add your onion and prosciutto. Crack some pepper and mix well. Let them sit on the pan for a minute or two to brown the prosciutto, then stir. You do not want to add salt with this dish, the prosciutto is very salty. Once your prosciutto is browned and crispy, add your white wine (or white wine vinegar) and de glaze the pan making sure to scrape the bottom bits up. This will help flavor the sauce your going to make. Add your kale and garlic, stir frequently, you don’t want to over cook your kale. It should be soft, but still somewhat stiff (about 1-2 minutes) you want to leave a slight bite to it.


At this time your pasta should be done, before straining, reserve 2 tbsp of pasta water. This will give your sauce some starch and help it to thicken. Take a measuring cup and add your cream/half and half (in my case I had neither, so I used unsweetened Soy milk and it turned out great!!) and add your flour. Whisk well until thickened. Add your cream, noodles, and pasta water to the pan. Take your goat cheese and add to the pan as well. Stir well until the goat cheese is melted and the sauce is formed.


Once melted and mixed, turn your pan on low and let it sit for just a few minutes.



What you’ll need:
your favorite brand of linguine pasta, reserving 2 tbsp pasta water
1 tbsp olive oil
I used a little more than half of Boars Head cubed prosciutto (pre packaged in your deli area)
1/2 yellow onion, diced
1/3 cup (ish) white wine or white wine vinegar (this is where it gets tricky, I didn’t measure the wine, I am guessing 1/3 cup, taste test the liquid after stirring up the brown bits and cooking for a minute, if you think you need more add more!)
1 tbsp minced garlic
large hand full of kale (stems and stalks removed, washed)
3oz goat cheese (not crumbles)



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