Happy Engagement Cookies


It was one of my best friends’ engagement parties and I decided I wanted to make some of my sugar cookies with royal icing. I have already made these delightful treats last Valentine’s Day and wrote you a how to decorate with royal icing with step by step directions and tips. You can find that here: https://healthypassions.wordpress.com/2012/02/14/valentines-day-sugar-cookies/


I have to admit, these cookies take a day or two to make, but they taste great and look impressive!  I decided to incorporate her wedding colors and wedding date on one set of cookies and another I saw the idea on Pinterest and had to try it! The stick figures were pretty simple but so cute and fun! I used the yellow colored icing that I had for the numbers in the dated cookies and made the ring “shine” to give it a little more color.


My favorite part about making these cookies is the decorating. It’s so fun to be creative and let your ideas shine! The baking part is very easy and the lemon zest and added juice give the cookies a lovely fresh lemon taste. It takes the boring plain sugar cookie to a whole new level.

This time I added a little more lemon zest and added juice of half a lemon to the icing. I think that it’s fun to mix things up, next time i will try to add chopped cranberries or maybe some orange zest! Don’t ever be afraid to try something new especially with baking! Use your imagination and creativity, you will be surprised!



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