Sarasota Architectural Salvage

 So, as you all know I am newly married! My wedding was held at the Crosley Estate in Sarasota, FL. I planned everything, and had a lot of DIY stuff! (Soon to be posted) My wedding was vintage inspired and I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful venue!

My DIY projects had mostly involved some salvage and antiques from various stores, including my favorite place the Sarasota Architectural Salvage. In this huge warehouse you will find so many unique treasures! My brain was almost overloaded in ideas, but I had to keep telling myself to focus on the task at hand: My Big Day.

When first entering the grounds, you will find yourself amazed at all of the iron gates and fun backyard decorations! Chairs, Fountains, Jockeys, anything you can think of you will find it here! They even sell tiles and fun pathway stones for your yard. My personal favorite out here is the wine bottle tree! How fun and creative is this? Someone took the time to weld this tree together and place old wine bottles on top of the branches. This would be a great conversation piece!

Upon entering the building of treasures, you will see hundreds of chandeliers taken from old mansions! And also a few creative lighting pieces made from what looks like driftwood! It resembles coral in the way that it coils around. Love it!

They have literally hundreds of old windows and doors. I rented an old window pane to use as a sign for my wedding favors. The window looked great thanks to my artistic sister who has a gift for handwriting in any font that you can imagine! I had succulent favors which went a long with my flowers that also had succulents in them. It was a great way to give an eco-friendly gift that didn’t break the bank and in my opinion felt more personal and special than a bunch of bubbles or matches.

One of my favorite items was this very tall and interesting light that looks to be made of some kind of cloth or canvas. It looks like it came straight out of Thailand! I love the unique artwork with the elephant head and human legs. You definitely need to have a uniquely decorated home for this piece of art, regardless i love it!

Out back was probably one of my favorite areas. There were more backyard items and they were so colorful and unique! I found this wall that appears to have been made here at the store with scrap pieces of wood nailed together in layers to make this unique and beautiful wall! They displayed some iron decorations that would look great on the outside walls of your house. The sun is my favorite!

There was a beautiful blue fountain, very large and looked very old! I love the child on the top. This looks like it belonged in the yard of a wealthy person’s home. I think it’s beautiful and reminds me of something out of Secret Garden.

 These doors were my favorite! So colorful and fun!

And of course I have to end this post with a creepy picture. After all I did tell you this place had everything from stop lights to nude photography to coffins….

Creepy right?! You will find anything here!! Stay tuned for some more yummy recipes and also some DIY wedding tutorials!